Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Assembly Line

Well, we are 2.5 weeks out from going to Mexico City. That means all the sheep need to be done by next week. It has been a sheep assembly process in the Dunlap Love studio for awhile now, but now it is full on!

All the legs and ears are made.

All the sheep bodies are cut.

All the faces are cut.

Tonight I begin working on all the faces!
I am saving the sewing of names until the very last step before sewing them all up because I have been told there are now new kids at the orphanage and some that have left. Praying to get these names in time before we go so that each child will have their own sheep with their name on it and no one is left out.

So, that is the sheep update. If you are totally confused by why I am making so many sheep, check out this post.

Be back soon!