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I am Kaylyn!

Me and my amazing hubby, Brent, he is a big part of Dunlap Love!

I am a wife to Brent, a mom to Avenell (5) and Emmeline (2), and we are in the adoption process to bring home a new little one into our family.

I started Dunlap Love 5 years ago when my first daughter was born. It was an outlet for this new momma to create and make a little extra income as I stayed home.

I love Jesus. Seriously. His presence and His mercy sustain me. In all things in my life I want to glorify Him. So, for years I had the same question in me, "God, how do quirky softies, interior design, all this creativity in me, how does it work in your kingdom? How do I glorify you with it? It is all just STUFF, wordly things."

On a Sunday in March 2011, God clearly gave me a vision of what Dunlap Love was created for. I listened to a friend who had just been to a Mexico City orphanage talk about how much she loved these kids, and that it broke her heart to see that they had no possesions of their own, no toys, nothing to their name.

I knew then how softies can be a light, a hope, a way of showing God's love to the orphan. You can read my first post here all about that!

It started in Mexico City. I was blessed to hand out 40 personalized sheep to these amazing kids. You can read all about it here.

Being in the adoption process myself (you can visit our adoption blog here and read more about us!), I knew I wanted Dunlap Love to be a part of what God was doing in the adoption world. A portion of the profit helps to fund adoptive families, and we do what we can to provide aid to orphanages around the world.

You can go here and read an article from The Greensboro News & Record all about Dunlap Love as well: http://gotriad.news-record.com/content/2012/08/22/article/meet_an_artist_kaylyn_van_camp

Thanks for supporting Dunlap Love, we have been so blessed by our fans and customers!!


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