Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Next Mission: Good Shepard's Fold

As you know from our mission, we are working with orphanages worldwide to create softie toys to be put into the hands of orphans, to give them something that is theirs alone, to keep.

First stop was the Salvation Army orphanage in Mexico City, which you can read all about here.

Next, we are heading to Uganda, Africa!

My family is in the adoption process right now, which you can read about here, so of course Uganda is on our heart. We are adopting from Good Shepard's Fold in Jinja, Uganda. Please take some time to visit their site to learn more about GSF!! GSF is run by some incredible missionaries who love these kids and do the very best to care for them and share the love of Christ with each child.

My friend, Casia, is moving in July of this year to GSF to open their very first babies home that will house children 2 and under. Dunlap Love will be sending 20 softies, to start, with her to put into the babies home as toys for these precious little ones (as well as some decor items for the babies home).

The plan is to eventually be able to make a personalized softie for each child at GSF (over 100 children live here).

I want to thank you for supporting Dunlap Love. A portion of your purchase goes to fund the supplies and materials needed to create these softies and get them into the hands of children at Good Shepard's Fold in Uganda!



mamalottie said...

what an incredible mission of love you have. SO sweet to read about it. Encouraged by you today, my friend!

Sara M. Gray said...

This is great. Every child needs to be loved and feel loved. By having a stuffed creation they can feel and know what it is to love something. They can share there love with the world.

Samantha Beachy said...

This mission will be in our prayers. Every child should know & feel loved! Thank you for allowing God to use you to bring a little happiness to these precious little ones! God Bless

Salena Fore said...

Love your work and what yous stand for!

Brandy said...

Kay, you know how I adore how creative you are and just how selfless you are so others may get just the basics for survival. Can't wait to hear an update on your adoption. Love you, friend!

Melissa Munger said...

Awesome work!!

Missy Douthit ( said...

What a wonderful post!!! Thank you for sharing!!! This mission and your own journey will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Michelle said...

Hey BK! Your friend Casia sounds wonderful. I'd love to help - let me know what I can do!!