Sunday, September 2, 2012

Softies Project: Guyana and Guatamala

I am so excited to introduce you to Caroline's Promise!!

They are they next organization we will be working with for giving out personalized softies to the children in Guyana, South America at the Ruimveldt Children's Home & Care, and to the little ones graduating from Preparatoria class at the Casita Adonai school in Guatemala!

Each child will be getting a sheep with their name on it!

Want to know why we are giving out sheep? Please read how it started here at this post.
To some, toys are not necessisty, not a basic need. They are right. But to a child who has been abandoned or who has nothing to call his/her own, a toy, with their name on it, means the world. My prayer is that each child in that one orphanage will know they are valuable, cared for, loved, and prayed over.

There are about 20 kids in Guyana who will each get a sheep with their name on it. Here is some info on this project:

Caroline's Promise has partnered with The Ruimveldt Children's Home & Care Center in Georgetown, Guyana since the home was built.  We sent a short term mission team to help clear the land that eventually became home to 20 children.  Our Guyana Country Coordinator served on staff for several years and now visits weekly to maintain a relationship with the children and staff.  The kids range from two years of age up and will more than likely remain in the home until they are adults.  Local churches support and direct the home and Caroline's Promise is blessed to help with special projects.

We are also working with a school in Guatemala:

Caroline's Promise partners with the church, Iglesia Adonai in Guatemala City as they seek to minister to orphaned and vulnerable children in a difficult community.  We administer a child sponsorship program for the 125 children, grades preschool - 5th who attend their school, Casita Adoani.  Caroline's Promise partners with the church to provide training, support, short term teams and anything else needed to help this church and school thrive.  Current plans include construction of a new school that will accommodate more children.  In the Summer of 2012 a sewing ministry was established to train the mothers and provide an opportunity for them to start their own business.

We are really excited to partner up with Caroline's Promise and loving on these amazing little ones through softies.

If you would like to be a part of this next mission, you can be praying for each of these children by name (I will be posting their names here shortly), and continuing to support Dunlap Love. We are so thankful for your continued support and we can't wait to share more of this project with you!


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