Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Home: Halloween Decor

It is October!! Wooo! It is officially Fall, leaves are covering the lawn, front and back, in golds, yellows, and reds. Just beautiful!

I feel like now that it is October, I can now start to throw out some Halloween decor! We are very specific about what we allow into our home as far as Halloween decor. We do "creepy fun", like spiders, crows, silly ghosts (that my children know are make believe) and such. 

(SIDE DEEP NOTE: When Avenell was just born and we were deciding just what our family traditions were going to look like, the tradition of Halloween was something we really prayed over. I ran across this article back then and it sums up exactly how we feel about the subject. We do not do witches, even if they are made to be "cute", we do not dress up like them or make light of them because we know the reality is that they are still all over our world, maybe not green with warts, but still practicing evil and we will not make light of it. Everything else is make believe, or "spooky", all for fun. I also love how the article addresses the idea of the Christmas tree as well and how that too was rooted in Pagan rituals. Hm.

Anyway...I understand not all believers are going to feel the same way and that Halloween is a big debate among the church, so please do not comment here with  a debate, it is not the place. Just thought this article was a great resource for families maybe wrestling with the idea. END DEEP SIDE NOTE)

On to the decor...
You saw here what our fall mantle looked like, which will come back after Halloween with some Thanksgiving touches, here is our Halloween mantle for 2012:

The banner came from JoAnn for 40% off, the guaze from the Dollar Tree, and that book page paper was from Target's dollar bin. I am a frugal girl. So, we hit up dollar stores and bins for all our decor this year!

I did buy a beauty for $12 at TJ Mazz- this glittery crow on a pedestal! Oh, I love him.

Most everything we had on hand, I love to move things around in my home.

On the kitchen table is my favorite table runner. The globe is not Halloween related, but it stays as it being on my dining table has taught my 5 year old so much about geography! The girl could point to Sri Lanka before I could!

I did not have a Halloween wreath, but I did have a base wreath. I bought all the gauze and crows and black roses at Dollar Tree as well. Voila- really inexpensive wreath! I am not sure that I am done with it just yet...still deciding on if I should leave it all black, or throw in some color? Thoughts?

Well, that is a sneak peak. We are throwing a fun Halloween party for the little and I'll be sure to share the highlights!

Happy decorating, friends!


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Mo said...

fun! I'm impressed with your ability to find cute stuff at the Dollar Tree. Or to do cute stuff with the things you find at the Dollar Tree.