Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Softies = care for orphans

So, what is Dunlap Love's Mission?

To provide toys and aid to orphans. Plain and simple.

Let me start at the beginning...

Dunlap Love was started in 2008 with my love to create unique and original items mostly for babies and kids. God has given me an eye for design and a love to imagine and create. All, wonderful and beautiful things, and all worldly. My prayer has always been the same: "God, I know you gave me these talents, but they seem meaningless in the work of your kingdom. Why do I have these gifts? What value are they?". I have seen how he has allowed me to use them to comfort grieving hearts by using a loved one's old clothing to create a softie, and my softies have made many babies and children happy, but I was still searching for how these talents would be of any real value.In the past few months God has been breaking my heart for orphans. He has put a true passion in me to help. I read this post from No Greater Joy Mom and was right there convicted. I hear a lot of Christians say "I am not called to adopt or care for orphans". The reality is God calls ALL of us to care for orphans! It may be financially, through your time serving, or by bringing them home to a family, either way, we are all called to care for them.My dear friends, and church family, just recently came home form a mission trip to Mexico City. While they were there they stayed at an orphanage run by the Salvation Army. They came home with stories of these children they fell in love with. I felt like I was there with them. What stuck out in my mind when I was hearing testimonies of the trip was that there were no toys at the orphanage. The kids did not have but a single pair of clothes to call their own. They had nothing to put their name on. God has made it clear now how my love of making quirky softie toys will be a part of his kingdom plan.The Start:

--There are 60 kids currently staying at this orphanage in Mexico City. I will be creating 60 sheep, one for each child that will have their name on it, each one different, no two the same. To some, toys are not necessisty, not a basic need. They are right. But to a child who has been abandoned or who has nothing to call his/her own, a toy, with their name on it, means the world. My prayer is that each child in that one orphanage will know they are valuable, cared for, loved, and prayed over.--My goal is to provide each child not only with their own softie doll, but to provide clothing in their size, toiletries, and other small toys. I am waiting to hear from a contact in Mexico to get their sizes.--100% profit of items sold through Dunlap Love will go straight to the orphanage. Right now the orphanage desperately needs financial help. They are very behind on their taxes and are at risk of being evicted. I do not want to think of what will happen to these kids if that happened. I know that Dunlap Love will not be able to cover their taxes, maybe not even a month of food, but we can do something. Your purchases from Dunlap Love directly go towards helping this Salvation Army orphanage in Mexico City. They help these kids.

Long Term:

--My dream is that it would not stop at this one orphanage. My dream is that these softie dolls find their way into hands of orphans everywhere. That they own it and know they are worth love. That the proceeds of Dunlap Love will go beyond the orphanage in Mexico City.

Big dream? yes.

Possible? yes.

Why? Because God dreams bigger than I do.

How can you help?

--Buy any handmade item from Dunlap Love at and support the Salvation Army Orphange.

--Pray! Please be in prayer over these kids, and that God would provide for the orphanage.

--Give. I am in the process of setting up a Paypal account specifically for giving to the orphanage.

Why blog?
Here you will find updates on what is new in the shop, how progress is coming along on sheep, and how much has been given to the orphanage to date.

Thank you for walking this journey with me, and thank you for your support of Dunlap Love!
Can I take every orphan home and give them a family? The reality is no. However, we can be a part of bringing them joy and supporting their basic needs! I am so excited to see where God takes Dunlap Love.



Cassie said...

Kaylyn, what an amazing idea! I love it! One of the passages that God gave me when I was newly saved is Is. 58:6-11 and I think your mission here totally goes with that. I'll be looking for ways to help :). Please keep us updated!

The Genét's said...

Oh wow! This is wonderful. Going shopping now for a new friend!! :)

The Genét's said...

quick question! My daughter was in love with the owl you had at Indie Flea 2 weeks ago. Do you remember her? She came over two or three times to look at it? I didn't see it..but I'd love to get it if it is still available? :)

Following Forward said...

Hi! You can message me on etsy, but yes, I do still have that owl!!! I can meet up with you soon! Just send me a message and we cna work it out! Thanks for the support!

Beth said...

FABULOUS idea! Love it.

LeeLu Creations said...

Awesome!! :)

Kim said...

I know this is a long shot, but my husband and I have been on a "waiting" list to adopt for 2 years, and I might as well ask! Do you know if there is a way to contact them about adoptions? Are they set up with an agency or anything to try to get these kids a home? Thanks for any info... What you're doing is wonderful :)

Following Forward said...

Hi Kim! Unfortunately right now it is near impossible to adopt from Mexico. The red tape is ridiculous. They are hard set on keeping their orphans even though they do not care for them. We have families in our church that have been trying to get a few kids home to the US for over almost a year and are still trying to get through red tape and are not sure it will ever happen. It is very sad, I wish I could tell you it was possible to have these children be part of loving families.

Kim said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was that way in Mexico.. Thanks for getting back w me.. I'll definitely be keeping them all in prayer!